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Disability, ERISA, and Life Insurance Benefits with Lambert Coffin

Our litigation attorneys offer full-service disability and life insurance representation. Our goal is to help you achieve the maximum payout for you particularized situation.



Disability, ERISA, and Life Insurance Benefits


At Lambert Coffin our goal is to get you your benefits as quickly as possible and, in the case of disability benefits, keep you on benefit for as long as you need it or are eligible for coverage. While this may sound normal, it’s not.  

Many attorneys prefer to litigate your denied claim so that a lump sum settlement will be reached and, accordingly, the attorney can receive his/her percentage and move on. Our goal is to succeed in reaching your goal – to achieve the maximum payout for your particularized situation. If your ultimate goal is settlement, that’s fine, and we will do our best to obtain the maximum settlement for you. If your goal is to get back on benefit, we understand that and will prosecute your claim in a specialized, individually tailored manner that provides you with the best chance of achieving your goal. The key is your goals come first, not ours. 

Lambert Coffin has a full service disability and life insurance practice. We represent individuals in connection with their life and disability insurance claims (ERISA and non-ERISA). We represent individuals across the country, and have extensive experience litigating ERISA disability and life insurance claims and with ERISA disability and life insurance claim filings, appeals, and litigations.  We believe hiring the right attorney is more important than hiring one that’s in your town.

We have no textbook formula for our client arrangements. We believe that each client and claim is different and, therefore, we develop a unique plan for each client based upon a number of factors. We work with you to make sure the situation is best for your interests and that your goal is our north star with respect to every action we take concerning your claim.


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Services we offer:

  • We assist clients with filing claims and protecting your interests from the start.  In this phase of the process, we work tirelessly to tell an accurate and persuasive narrative.  Your story is important.  People often neglect the opportunity to tell their entire story at the beginning of their claim. They simply complete forms created by the insurance company and permit the insurance company to develop the narrative. We reject that practice and, instead, tell a compelling narrative that will help the decision maker – your claims specialist – to understand exactly why you cannot work in the manner you once did. 
  • We maintain clients on benefits. Once your claim is approved (or reversed after a denial), we stay on as your counsel. We do not let the insurer start to harass our client again or begin to shift the narrative.  We work to maintain and continue a productive dialogue with the insurance company such that they understand your continued struggles with returning to your prior capacity. 
  • We appeal claim denials. We work with you, your family, friends, co-workers, medical providers, and others to assemble a strategic and effective attack against a denial. In some instances, the insurer will just uphold its initial denial irrespective of the overwhelming evidence showing disability, but we have had excellent success convincing insurers that their initial decision was incorrect. In each instance, we craft an appeal that is tailored to your situation.
  • We litigate if necessary. We understand that individuals generally do not prefer litigation and attempt to avoid this if possible. Unfortunately, however, sometimes litigation is necessary. We have access to a network of local counsel throughout the country who can help us get admitted to most district courts on a limited basis for purposes of helping you prosecute your ERISA/disability claim.
  • We consult with insureds and attorneys. We are also amenable to more limited inquiries, such as negotiating a buyout, providing a coverage opinion, or other limited matters. We also work as co-counsel with other attorneys who may find themselves faced with complicated ERISA questions for which they simply do not have the knowledge or expertise to handle.