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Lambert Coffin is a reliable and experienced ally that is dedicated to guiding your business through the litigation process and protecting your company's reputation in Portland, ME.



Commercial Litigation


We have a clear vision when advising our business clients: we want your company’s path to success to remain obstacle-free. We understand, though, that disputes happen. When the stakes are high and a business or commercial dispute arises, Lambert Coffin is a reliable, experienced, and hard-nosed ally that is solely focused on guiding your business through the litigation process. 

We understand the challenges that the owners of a business face when litigation arises, including obvious balance sheet considerations, as well as marketing, public relations, and business reputation concerns. We synthesize these with our pragmatic, energetic, and detail-oriented approach to litigation and work tirelessly toward resolution, both in and out of court.

The firm’s attorneys have achieved numerous successful results in commercial disputes both large and small. For cases that do not warrant a trial or arbitration, Lambert Coffin is eager to showcase its considerable negotiation skills and propel your business to the best settlement it can.