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At Lambert Coffin, we have experienced & energetic trial attorneys. However, we also believe in the value of alternative dispute resolution, a highly effective method in civil litigation cases.



Civil Litigation


Known for versatility, imagination, and the ability to get results, our sophisticated litigation and trial practice has represented clients in some of the largest disputes in Maine history. The core of our strategy is to ensure that every step we take aligns with your business interests and goals. We keep you informed and involved, making sure you understand the costs and benefits of everything we do.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We recognize and believe in the value of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). We review the benefits of ADR with you during the initial stages of engagement, noting the need for discretion in deciding when to introduce the subject of ADR in litigation. ADR can be highly effective-especially when the other side knows it is up against aggressive counsel. Fortunately for our clients, that is the reputation we bring to the table.


H. Peter Del Bianco Jr.


John F. Lambert, Jr.
Philip M. Coffin III
Samuel K. Rudman
Maureen M. Sturtevant
Abigail C. Varga
Jeffrey D. Russell
Andrew S. Davis
Anna Polko Clark
Caitlin R. Wahrer
Cyrus E. Cheslak


We represent clients before all trial and appellate federal (multi-district) and state courts and administrative agencies in numerous areas, including these and others:

  • Antitrust

  • Appellate Practice

  • Banking & Finance

  • Business

  • Civil Rights

  • Collections

  • Commercial

  • Complex Litigation

  • Construction

  • Contracts

  • Corporate Governance

  • Divorce

  • Education

  • Environmental

  • Insurance Defense

  • Insurance Coverage

  • Intellectual Property

  • Minority Shareholder

  • Probate

  • Products Liability

  • Trademark & Copyright