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★★★★★ Thank you Andrew!!!

First off, I have had 3 back surgeries and cannot work currently and my insurance company cancelled long term disability for no reason. I searched around for legal advice and let’s just say that Andrew Davis was my lawyer from our first conversation. As soon as we spoke, I saw a person concerned for me and my family. He would contact me and update me on any and everything pertaining to my case. If I called him, I received a call within an hour which was unbelievable I thought but to be honest, that is how Andrew was every time. This is always a stressful time for anyone going thru this but with Mr. Davis in my corner, it was less stressful. When I received the phone call about winning my appeal, I was extremely happy and I could hear his sincerity in his voice about his happiness for me and my family. I strongly feel that anyone and everyone who is dealing with this should give Andrew Davis a call. Thanks Andrew!!!!!!

October 6, 2017

Andrew Davis