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★★★★★ I was very happy with the profesionalism and out come!

I was referred to Andrew Davis and retained his services. After a long and arduous struggle with an insurance company. Finally Andrew was able to work with me! I was so excited just to find an attorney who was able to assist me with this battle against Goliath. I know over dramatic right. Well honestly. It certainly felt that way. Disabillity is something no insurance company wants to have to actually pay claims on. 

My case was unique. To say the least. Difficult. Was far more accurate. Bit it was most certainly legitimate. Which was something that was hard for me to swallow. I am a worker. Its all I know. 
Andrew was amazing in his ability to advocate for me. In the end they did have to settle. With out help from Andrew Davis I certainly would never have seen one dollar for the policy that had more than paid for. I would most certainly recommend him to any one in my own family. As well as to any one else that may find themselves staring down that nightmare of insurance and law. Because unless you have degree in these fields, you could never stand a chance of finding sanity. 
So to sum it up! Andrew was wonderful to work with. He certainly dug in to my case. Paid attention to the details, and got a very successful outcome. Thank you again.

March 25, 2018

Andrew Davis